Moving Floor Trailer

The SMOOTHFLOW is a moving floor trailer that provides a proven method of unloading almost ANY MATERIAL, almost ANYWHERE.


Haul bulk materials one way and haul freight back.


The SMOOTHFLOW gives you the opportunity to haul any commodity and load and off-load to any receiving configuration.


We have customers hauling everything from garbage and tires to pallets of dry goods and cattle!

Shuffle floor trailer walking floor trailer


Everything from the floor to the handles are built for a long, hard life. The solid construction of the SMOOTHFLOW means you can take it into almost any terrain and even allows for use on tippers. Don’t be shy about what you put these trailers through!


Aerodynamic platform, clean-out top rail, sliding wall clean-out system and dozens of other features make the SMOOTHFLOW easy and profitable to operate. Designed with the driver – and the bottom line – in mind.


Easy and accessible maintenance for long product life. We design and build the trailers so we can support you when you need parts, service or repairs for your SMOOTHFLOW.


A light-weight footprint with heavy-weight performance and plenty of room to spare! The trailer design is optimized for volume and that means better operational efficiency.


Our photo gallery of SmoothFlow moving floor trailers including some of the paint/decal options we offer.


An integrated option for ensuring a clean unload of your materials. 


Slides with bulk loads to assist with more efficient unloading and thorough clean-out of moving floor trailers.


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