Mining Transport Trailer

CONVEYORE mining trailers provide efficient mining transport solution options for moving the heavy stuff.


The CONVEYORE Universal Side Dump (USD) moves 51 tons of material easily and efficiently to maximize productivity. And the integration of our dedicated tipper option ensures the performance and safety continues from the road through delivery.


Left side? Right side? You aren’t stuck with one delivery option  –  CONVEYORE side-dump bins go both ways. Unbolt, rotate and re-mount to service any haul requirement today and tomorrow.


The capacity of the CONVEYORE trailer means you have options in what you haul. The integrated design and universal mounting means you have control over how you haul it.


We don’t just supply the trailers, the CONVEYORE SYSTEM has an available TYCROP designed hydraulic dumping platform that is built as tough as our trailers.


TYCROP has been providing mining and heavy commodity transport solutions for decades. They are tough. They are safe.  They are an integral part of many transport systems in locations all over North America.


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TYCROP Trailers

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