Self-Tipping Bulk Hauler

The BIGBOX End-Dump B-Train trailer is our most versatile and efficient bulk transport solution.


With on-board heavy duty hydraulic rams, the BIGBOX can unload anywhere your load needs to go - plus it can be unloaded on conventional tipping platforms.


It’s called a BIGBOX for a reason! Maximum volume is the key to efficient hauling and TYCROP has gone after every available inch. Over 5100 cubic feet gives plenty of room for hauling any bulk material.


Having the control and diversity to self-unload bulk materials wherever and whenever means more hauling options and opportunities.


Interlocking wall panels (developed for our SMOOTHFLOW trailers) are 1” thick, reinforced aluminum. They provide more than enough strength for some of the roughest materials you can dump in it.


Easy and accessible maintenance for long product life. We design and build the trailers so we can support you when you need to service or repair your BIGBOX.


A quick video to showcase the unloading procedure for the BIGBOX End Dump.

Topics include:

  • bungees and straps

  • proper ladder use

  • working safely on the platforms

  • unrolling and rolling tarps


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