Wood Chip B-Train Trailer

Named for the rush of product as it stands tall on a tipper, the AVALANCHE B-Train Wood Chip Trailer is an icon in the forest and wood fiber industry.


Capable of hauling massive loads of chips and other wood fiber products the AVALANCHE is an integral part of many profitable operations. We take great pride in our trailer design paying particular attention not only to volume and maintenance, but to functions that enhance safety and ease of operations.


TYCROP has found every bit of space and made it available for your haul. Not only can you haul THE MOST VOLUME – your total weight will be the lowest possible thanks to our low-weight and strong, proven, welded chassis.


A 30 year record of durability means a tough, long-lasting, hard-working trailer. We strive for lowest cost per mile and support any repairs or parts replacement with a dedicated Customer Care team.


Split-dump or Flow-through. The forest or the highways. No matter where you operate or the conditions you encounter you can be sure that we have the right options to help you get the job done right.


Our trailers are designed to be as safe as possible during loading and tipping as well as hauling: keeping drivers, and the public, moving safely on the roads we share.


A walk through of how to safely prepare the Avalanche for loading.

Topics include:

  • bungees and straps

  • proper ladder use

  • working safely on the platforms

  • unrolling and rolling tarps


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