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About Us


For over 40 years TYCROP Trailers has focused on helping customers succeed, to have a competitive advantage – to be FIRST. The trailers we innovate do more than just work and last – they are designed and engineered from the ground up to increase customer profitability and performance.

It means optimizing payload capacity while enhancing handling and operational safety. It means improving your bottom line with efficiency improvements and lower operating costs. It means delivering trailers that are built tougher, easier to use and simpler to maintain.


These advantages put our equipment FIRST in the market, put our customers FIRST in business, and put operators FIRST in safety and efficiency. And that puts everyone FIRST on the road.

Partnership Opportunities

We are continually improving how we do business in the transport industry and want to share those successes with you. If you are looking for ways to gain efficiencies through strategic transport solutions please contact us.

Contact us to help develop your next
transport solution.
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